• Image of Horn - “Die Kraft der Szenarien” Alternativvariante 2005 LTD Tape

View From The Coffin VFTC 002 - limited edition N° 50 tape release

This cassette comprises a proto-version of the 2006 HORN's full-length album “Die Kraft der Szenarien” recorded approximately one year prior to the original release.

This special edition will come in a seared wooden box and includes:
- Tape with handnumbered jcard
- Handnumbered insert with signed liner notes from Horn and View From The Coffin
- Squared Horn logo pin


1. Alpenland II
2. Landscapes On Hold
3. Die Kraft Der Szenarien

4. Where The Clarions Have Never Seized
5. Spätherbst
6. Als Der Mensch Sich Selbst Erlag

Niklas: horns, calfskins, lungs and ink

Artwork, logo and layout by View From The Coffin.

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